Join the adventure way for the Bee! Our Bee needs your help! Bee needs someone who guides the way to the hive, that someone is YOU! You just draw a way to the hive by your finger and that’s it!

But you have to pay attention to some things:

  • You have to collect the 3 flowers on your way.
  • You can draw only limited draws!
  • Be careful from obstacles! (Your Bee can die).

“Bee Trip” is an adventure and addictive game that has 3 worlds of 25 stages in each world. Enjoy the challenging special game with cool graphics. Bee Trip is a nice way to spend spare time and it’s can improve your thinking and without a doubt it’s prefer about watching TV. Be careful this game is super attractive and can make you addicted!

The Goal: Bee needs to reach safety to the hive. It’s recommended to collect the 3 flowers in each stage.

How? The player navigates the Bee by draw a way to the Hive! There is limit draws in each stage so you have to use each draw smartly.

Bee Trip Key Features:

  • The game contains 3 worlds and each world there is 25 stages!
  • Every world there is new object or obstacle.
  • Every stage there is 3 Flowers that the Bee needs to collect.
  • Every stage there is limitless draws independent on each stage!
  • Bee Trip is simple to learn and satisfying to complete every stage!
  • Cool graphic!
  • CHOOSE YOUR INSECT! Just choose which insect would you like to play with. For instance: Ant, Mosquito, Butterfly, Beetle and etc…

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Let’s go download the game right now and start the adventure! Enjoy the challenging special game and invite your friends to join you! JUST HAVE FUN 😊 ONE REQUEST: Do you like this game? please share with your friends your experience… we would like “hear” your feedback too! If you want to rate us 5 Stars we will be happy for it!

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