Udarverse is an adventure game where you can explore the universe by unlocking areas.
The player should collect resources by carving them and use these resources to unlock areas and keep progressing the game.
The player has three items for progressing the game:

1. Axe – for resources like trees, mushrooms, cactuses, etc…
2. Hammer – for solid resources like diamonds, stones, gold, etc…
3. Sword – for fighting against NPC enemies…

On the map there are upgrade and generate machines which enable to upgrade items and generate resources, yes, of course – it costs resources 🙂 
You probably ask yourself why are these machines exist? 
As you discover the universe and progress the game – the resource units (like trees) will increase their HP and it will be tougher carving them.

The universe includes multiple planets! You should explore and unlock areas there too by teleporting with the Teleport.

Some technical information:

  • This game is made with Unity Engine.
  • Programmed with C# using OOP and Design Patterns.
  • For this game, we built an Editor Tool inside Unity which enable us to build the map easily. You are welcome to take a look at the video 🙂
You can take a look at the source code on GitHub. It includes only the SCRIPTS because of personal and copyright reasons!


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Contact us at: udar.apps@Gmail.com.

Have fun, Udar Games.