“Capture the UdarFlag” is a multiplayer network game developed by Unity engine and programmed with C#.

In the game there are two teams each team has a base with its own flag, the goal is to steal from the opposing team the flag from its base, and capture it to the base of the team who stole. Each capture gives one point, the goal is to reach to five points. The first team who reached to five points – win!

The map is scattered with items and weapons that each player can take and use to kill the opposing team and keep the flag safe.

When there is a dead opponent, you can extend his respawn by standing next to him for a few seconds. If this happens the opponent has two options:

  • His teamate revive him by standing next to him.
  • Wait ten seconds until next respawn.

In this project, I used some plugins such as Mirror Networking and some packages of 3D models.

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