Dream Valley

Dream Valley - Coming soon...

Dream Valley is a mobile game where players can build their own farm and village. Players can choose from various building types, each with unique purposes, and upgrade them to increase productivity, such as resources generator, capacity buildings, etc…

The Town Hall serves as the central hub for managing and upgrading the village, with new buildings and features becoming available as players upgrade it….


Udarverse is an adventure game where you can explore the universe by unlocking areas.
The player should collect resources by carving them and use these resources to unlock areas and keep progressing the game.
The player has three items for progressing the game:

1. Axe – for resources like trees, mushrooms, cactuses, etc…
2. Hammer – for solid resources like diamonds, stones, gold, etc…
3. Sword – for fighting against NPC enemies…

Capture The UdarFlag

Capture the UdarFlag is a multiplayer network game developed by Unity engine and programmed with C#.

In the game there are two teams each team has a base with its own flag, the goal is to steal from the opposing team the flag from its base, and capture it to the base of the team who stole. Each capture gives one point, the goal is to reach to five points. The first team who reached to five points – win!

Bee Trip

Join to the adventure way for the Bee! Our Bee needs your help! Bee needs someone who guide the way to the hive, that someone is YOU! You just draw a way to the hive by your finger and that’s it!

But you have to pay attention to some things:

  • You have to collect the 3 flowers on your way.
  • You can draw only limit draws!
  • Be careful from obstacles! (Your Bee can die)
Fruit Hit

You need to cut the all fruits in each level by the amount knives that you have. In each level there is 4 stages that spawn fruits, every fruit who has destroyed gives you points and more coins. Every two level there is a Master – it is object that has 3 lives, In other words, 3 hits from the knife will destroy the Master. In addition, every level there is randomly route for the fruits. The fruits moves by route.

How To Play?

Touch on the screen and drag it back and release – launching a knife to the direction you aimed. Cut all the fruits and notice to your amount knives! Pay attention that you have enough to destroy all the fruits.

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