Dream Valley is a mobile game where players can build their own farm and village. Players can choose from various building types, each with unique purposes, and upgrade them to increase productivity, such as resources generator, capacity buildings, etc…

The Town Hall serves as the central hub for managing and upgrading the village, with new buildings and features becoming available as players upgrade it.

Players can also clear obstacles such as trees and stones to expand their village

Upcoming features:

  • Crafting system: Generate new resources by combining existing ones.
  • Mini-games: Play fun and engaging mini-games to earn resources and unlock new features.
  • Weather disasters: Experience the challenge of unpredictable weather events, such as hurricanes or earthquakes, that can damage or destroy buildings in the village.
  • AI characters/workers: Utilize AI workers to handle the upgrading of village buildings, a feature that will be integrated with the Town Hall capabilities.
 Some technical information:
  • The game is currently in 3D, but will be changed to 2.5D in the future.
  • The map is based on a two-dimensional grid.
  • Each element in the game has its own unique purpose and system, including a level system, interaction options (dragging, selection), and other options such as remove, collect, see information, and upgrade.
  • Each building in the game has a state machine with states such as active, upgrading, and destroyed.
  • The game has a save-load system that saves all progress, environment, and upgrade times.
  • The game is being developed in Unity using the DI framework (Zenject).
  • Coding in C# using OOP and various design patterns such as Factory, Facade, State, Command, Observer, Decorator, and Composite. 
Would you like to get the source code? please contact us and we will send you 🙂

You can contact us at: udar.apps@Gmail.com.